Starters from Our Sushi Bar

Sushi Appetizer 9.50
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and 2 chef's choice

Sashimi Appetizer 12.95
2 tuna, 2 salmon, 2 yellowtail, and 4 chef's choice

Tuna, salmon, and Yellowtail Sashimi Appetizer 14.00
4 tuna, 4 salmon, and 4 yellowtail

Peppered Tuna 13.00
thinly slice fresh tuna covered with ground pepper, seared & served in ponzu sauce

Whitefish in Ponzu 7.75
seasonal whitefish in ponzu sauce

Tuna, Salmon, or Yellowtail Tataki 9.50
freshly chopped tuna, salmon, or yellowtail with caviar, scallions and sesame oil (spicy or no spicy)

New Style Hirame 11.00
thinly sliced fluke, torched lightly & drizzled with sesame oil & soy sauce

Hamachi Kama 13.95
broiled yellowtail collar

Botan Ebi 9.00
2 large prawns sashimi

Ika Uni 12.00
squid sashimi with fresh sea urchin sauce

7 element 9.50
seared spicy white tuna

Sushi Pizza 12.95
scallions pancake top with tuna, salmon, white tuna, scallions, spicy mayo & Japanese spices