Miso 2.50
soy base soup with tofu and seaweed

Sui Mono 2.50
clear fish broth

Hamaguri Sui 4.25
fresh clams & shitake mushroom in clear broth

Dumpling Soup 4.00
choice of chicken, pork or seafood dumplings in clear soup


Crispy Calamari Salad 6.95

Star Salad 11.95
crab meat, spicy tuna, green/black seaweed mix with spicy mayo and top with caviar

House Green Salad 2.50
served with our house special ginger dressing

Wasabi Salad 6.95
lettuce, crab meat, caviar, shrimp tempura and spicy mayo

Hijiki 4.95
black seaweed salad

Wakame 4.95
shredded green seaweed salad with sesame

Seafood Sunomono 6.50
thinly sliced cucumber & mixed raw fish in chef's vinegar sauce

Mango Salad 6.95
mango, crabmeat, cucumber, mix green, caviar and spicy mayo

Spicy Tuna Salad 7.95
spicy tuna, green seaweed, black seaweed, cucumber,
avocado and tempura crunch on top with caviar