Special Entrees
served with complimentary soup, salad and rice

House Special Steak 20.95
broiled shell steak served with chef's special steak sauce

Tonkatsu 17.50
deep-fried breaded pork cutlets served with tonkatsu sauce

Chicken Katsu 17.50
deep-fried breaded chicken cutlets served with tonkatsu sauce

Unaju broiled 21.95
eel over rice glazed with sweet eel sauce

Seafood Ginshiyaki 21.95
shrimp, scallops & vegetables in sake wine sauce steamed in foil wrap

Salmon Tofu Teriyaki 18.50
crispy tofu stuffed with salmon & served with teriyaki sauce

Seafood Skewers 18.50
shrimp, scallops & salmon on skewers, broiled & served with teriyaki sauce

Beef Negimaki 17.50
thin slices of beef rolled with scallions, broiled & served with teriyaki sauce

Ebi Asparagus Teriyaki 21.00
broiled shrimp & asparagus, served with teriyaki sauce

Salmon Moto 21.00
broiled filet of salmon with a creamy mushroom caviar sauce

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