Starters from Our Kitchen

Ebi Tempura Appetizer 7.95
2 shrimp and 4 vegetables tempura

Shojin-Age 6.00
7 mixed vegetables tempura

Beef Negimaki 7.95
thinly sliced beef rolled with scallions, broiled & served with teriyaki sauce

Yakitori 6.95
grilled chicken & vegetables on skewers with teriyaki sauce

Fried Chicken Wings 6.50
deep-fried chicken wings with teriyaki sauce

Wasabi Shumai 4.95
4 steamed pork dumplings flavored with Japanese horseradish

Shumai 4.95
6 steamed shrimp dumplings

Gyoza (pan-fried dumpling) 5.50
6 pan-fried dumplings (pork, or seafood)

Age-Tofu 4.50
6 deep-fried tofu served with bonito flakes & dipping sauce

Edamame 3.95
steamed young soybeans

Zaru Soba 6.95
chilled buckwheat noodles served with dipping sauce

Seafood Skewers Appetizer 9.00
broiled shrimp, scallops & salmon on skewers with teriyaki sauce

Firecracker 7.00
shrimp and spicy tuna wrapped in wonton skin and deep fried

Net Spring Roll 7.00
shrimp & crabmeat wrapped in rice netting deep fried

Deep Fried Oysters 6.95
deep fried oysters with spicy mayo sauce

Seafood Pancake 12.00
asian pancake top with crab meat, squid, shrimp & scallions